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The Martin Brothers perform most often these days as  a Duet. However, thanks to a wide range of booking requests, the Bros. also play as a Trio, Quartet and with an amazing performance Quintet named Otic Poets... Hence the "Collective" Moniker. Live performances include: The "Songs & Stories" show geared to Churches & Outreach events, Indoor/Outdoor Home-Concerts, Fundraisers and Corporate events, Cover gigs at Pubs & Large Events, Congregational Worship Leading & Team-Training workshops...  

Darin Martin


Darin Martin is a singer-songwriter from Hamilton, ON. He has been performing live for many years. Darin has a tremendous ability to connect with and encourage audiences of all ages and backgrounds. He possesses a unique mix of musical talent and a genuinely engaging personality. Listeners appreciate the thought-provoking and self-reflective openness shared creatively throughout Darin’s songs and stories.

Jeremy Martin


Jeremy Martin has also been performing live for many years. As with Darin, the Martin Brothers developed their harmonious vocal chops early under the tutelage of their Southern-gospel singing parents. Those experiences as a family on the road have have certainly influenced Jeremy’s love for people, music & the arts.

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